A Parent's View of RedZone Map

Parent Dave Berry reviewed RedZone Map and here’s what he said about our ‘(M)App’

"For us parents, sending our sons and daughters away to college to live independently for the first time can be stressful. Youthful idealism can cloud the objectivity of some teens quite easily.

While some high schoolers may have been away from home for short summer excursions such as various camps or missions, taking up residence to live in another city is a different matter. In some cases, that new collegiate residence can be thousands of miles away.

In trying to see college-student parenting (many years later) from a current perspective, I was doing some research on college crime reports. Those are the reports that detail how many different types of bad things happen on a particular campus. If you would like to know more about college crime reports, check some of these links.

College crime reports are one thing, but the safety issue of those communities (or large cities) in which the colleges are located is something else. So, I delved into that, using my favorite search engine. That’s when I bumbled onto what I think is a good idea for college students’ safety and parents’ relative peace of mind.

First, a disclaimer: I have absolutely no connection whatever to this product. I have had no interaction with the company and only came by this information via the Internet. So, please don’t consider the information here some kind of marketing ploy. My post is merely an FYI for students and parents.

This is an app for your phone. and its mission is described as being a GPS-driven, real-time crime and navigation map app (a “mapp”?). Apparently, it debuted a little over a year ago and combines real-time crime data and seamless GPS navigation with a social media twist. Part of the description information I found sounds interesting:"

As freshmen spend the summer getting ready for their first semesters on college campuses, parents will have their physical well-being top of mind. Navigating a new and unknown place is a daunting task, and safety should be a top priority. Unlike other maps and GPS apps that guide users to their destination along the quickest routes based on traffic and direct streets, the RedZone Map app guides users to their destination along the safest routes, based on recent crime in the area, so that students don’t accidentally wander into unsafe areas of their surrounding campuses.

With RedZone Map, students will be better informed, more aware, and safer of the area around them. The RedZone Map is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Being available for free is certainly an advantage, and people are taking advantage of that. It’s available on mobile devices, it is powered by geo-fencing to inform users of high-crime areas by voice and screen. Offering a risky route and a safe route, RedZone will redirect the user around risky areas, out of harm’s way. Coupled with crowdsourcing, it allows people to drop a pin to reflect hazards that they see such as accidents, police sightings, crimes in progress, etc.

I went to the Red Zone Web site for more information. The presentation there was rather dramatic. The introductory page states: “RedZone Map provides you with a very secure and safe way to view and report crimes in your surroundings that helps you make informed decisions when traveling or navigating your way throughout your journey.
— collegeconfidential.com