About The Podcast

The Security Brief with Paul Viollis has produced 100 episodes since its inception reaching an audience in over 30 countries. Its demographic ranges from multi-vertical business leaders, high net worth families and their advisors, government officials and law enforcement professionals to Main Street America’s core from all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. The diversity of our audience speaks to the omnipresent concern for one’s safety and the common ground we all share toward those issues that keep us up at night. Built upon an educational platform, Paul will share his in-studio notes and all related factual data at the conclusion of each show within The Security Briefs library located at www.viollis.com allowing all listeners to have an impactful take away from each and every episode.




Behind the ISIS Curtain

Paul sits down with a former ISIS jihadist and senior level recruiter for an extended conversation on how the world’s most dangerous terrorist organization recruits, trains, plans and deploys its attacks. Paul steers the conversation with this rare guest on why ISIS picks the venues it does, what its business plan is and what they have in store for the future. Further, the demographic of who is being recruited, the behavioral red flags of someone who is being radicalized and how the internet/ social media platforms are being used to fulfill their goals. To balance the conversation, Paul is then joined by retired Army Colonel Jay Voorhees, an Afghanistan and Iraq Veteran for his inside take on how we are fighting this group. Everyone you know should listen to this show. 


The North Korea Crisis---The Real risk to the United States

Paul tackles the one subject that sits at the top of the concern list of billions worldwide; a nuclear war. It is in light of the impending threat of a nuclear attack against the United States posed by North Korea that Paul reached out to two of the most knowledgeable professionals in our country to discuss, at length, this crisis. Mr. Gordon Chang, one of the leading experts on North Korea and China in the United States and Brigadier General Dan Goodrich (former Pentagon) lay out perhaps the most powerful and direct conversation expressed in the media on this subject, thus far. Poignant, powerful, sobering and reassuring!


Pandemics and Exposures:

The need for emergency health care has never been more critical. In true Security Brief fashion, Paul reached out to good friend and world renown Bio-Chem expert Dr. Bruce Bowman for a powerful discussion centered on the possibilities and reactions to the risk of an NBCR (nuclear- biological- chemical-radiological) attack.

Paul also sits down with one of our country’s most widely respected emergency room doctors, Dr. Janette Nesheiwat, for an eye opening conversation on our hospitals readiness level.


MS 13 & the Rise of Gang Violence

With over 30,000 street gangs and more than 1 million members in the US, gang violence has grown to near epidemic proportions. Amongst the most problematic is M 13, the gang initially composed of refuges from El Salvador. Paul will examine the birth and growth of this street organization from LA to communities of all socioeconomic stature around the United States. From an intel perspective, Paul will be joined by 32 year Police Veteran Det. Ray McGowan for the most inside look available to the general public allowing for all Security Brief listeners to garner critical safety information regarding MS 13 and gangs in general. 


Freedom of Speech -v- Community Safety/Protest or Riot.

Paul is diving right back in to the news by addressing the core of the Charlottesville, VA. issue that is prompting both significant controversy and blatant compromise to the safety of our communities. Paul will be joined by Sen Michael Balboni, one of the initial architects of homeland security and TSB legal analyst Vincent Ancona to break down this issue from a Constitutional, Public Administration, Policing Racial and Socioeconomic perspective.