Field Study in Crime Mapping Data Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Criminologists in Chicago long offered the view that criminal offending is a patterned and structured phenomenon. In 1934, Chicago School of criminologists, Shaw and McCay, noted that the rate of crime, not to be confused with the raw frequency, are highest in zones of transitions where there are low levels of social bonding, control, and where social institutions fail. Yes, the rate of crime is highest in urban inner cities and decrease as urban areas become rural...

Should parents be worried about violent crime?

Typically, news media and political leaders focus on criminal offenders in their portrayal of crime to the public. “If it bleeds, it leads” is a common quotation pertaining to the American fascination with violent crime. Gerbner’s notion of the “Mean World Syndrome” suggests that we are bombarded with negative crime imagery that shapes our understanding and fears of crime in America. In this light, it has been shown that women tend to have the highest fear of crime across the nation, especially violent victimization.

At a deeper level, women who are parents live under the constant specter of fear for their children’s safety and well-being. Images of Columbine and Sandy Hook continue to shake their fears and shape an excessive level of protection of their children. Though these two types of...

Martin Luther King’s Nightmare: Celebrants shot on National Holiday

When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. proclaimed that “I have a dream,” it was a call for peace. He noted that the great march had descended upon Washington D.C. to cash a “check that was returned for insufficient funds.” He noted, as did President Barack Obama in his 2008 victory speech that there is a “fierce urgency of now.”